Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Lodge Management Courses

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A rigorous and demanding course central to the development of lodge managers and leaders of hospitality teams.
The intent of this course is to explore and analyse the operational principles and practices of managing a lodge. The functionality, interrelationships and management of various divisions/departments of lodging operations and their respective roles and functional components are examined - including general management of staff.
Students will also focus on Customer Service and the means of introducing Performance Management Strategies. Students will learn how to apply Best Practice Principles and Standard Setting to the operation and management of a lodging facility. Students will also be introduced to the theories and application of Influential Communication, Meeting Management, Staff Motivation and Planning/Goal Setting techniques.
This rapid development program ensures that students are fully equipped with the essential Management capabilities, leadership skills and confidence to achieve success in the role of lodge manager.
We pack a huge amount into this course over the thirty day period offering participants a blend of easily accessible, pragmatic theory and practical thought-provoking exercises whilst ensuring that everyone goes away having had a really enjoyable and rewarding experience, and that you have a specific action plan to apply your management capabilities in a management role - with distinction.

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