Tuesday, 4 December 2018


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Sign up for the 55-day Field Guide Course and enjoy living and working in the bush…

The professional Field Guide Course will reward you with the full FGASA Level 1 Certificate as well as the CATHSSETA (NQF2) Qualification in Nature Guiding...

The FGASA Level 1 Nature Guide Qualification is the most sought after qualification required by the guiding industry for employment. The FGASA Level 1 Course also contains the CATHSSETA Nature Site Guide qualification, which is the minimum requirement for guides to register as legal tour guides in South Africa. Beyond Southern Africa’s borders, the higher standard of the FGASA qualification also enjoys recognition in many other countries on and off the African Continent.

At AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING, we dont just train field guides, we strife to train exceptional guides - guides with a deep understanding of the natural environment - guides that can interpret the magic of the wilderness with as much enthusiasm as the magnificence of a lion roaring over the African savanna  plains- guides who can use their time with tourists to spread the conservation message - guides who can become future conservation leaders - guides who can truly fulfil the role of ambassadors for wildlife. But this course is also so much more... it's an opportunity for personal growth, for learning new skills and and an experience of a lifetime.
We also include three ISCI accredited learning program certificates in this course namely: Basic Birding, Basic Tracking and Dangerous Game Behaviour.

Become an AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING ‘guide’ today, and enjoy a lifetime of career support, guidance and friendship, because with us you’re not only a number, you become part of a wildlife family.

Lodge Management Courses

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A rigorous and demanding course central to the development of lodge managers and leaders of hospitality teams.
The intent of this course is to explore and analyse the operational principles and practices of managing a lodge. The functionality, interrelationships and management of various divisions/departments of lodging operations and their respective roles and functional components are examined - including general management of staff.
Students will also focus on Customer Service and the means of introducing Performance Management Strategies. Students will learn how to apply Best Practice Principles and Standard Setting to the operation and management of a lodging facility. Students will also be introduced to the theories and application of Influential Communication, Meeting Management, Staff Motivation and Planning/Goal Setting techniques.
This rapid development program ensures that students are fully equipped with the essential Management capabilities, leadership skills and confidence to achieve success in the role of lodge manager.
We pack a huge amount into this course over the thirty day period offering participants a blend of easily accessible, pragmatic theory and practical thought-provoking exercises whilst ensuring that everyone goes away having had a really enjoyable and rewarding experience, and that you have a specific action plan to apply your management capabilities in a management role - with distinction.

Thursday, 22 November 2018


1 Year = 5 x Qualifications + 6/7 Months Work Placement
The SAFARI RANGER PROGRAM is the opportunity of a lifetime for individuals wanting to kick-start a career in conservation; students looking for a unique gap-year opportunity; or for those just wanting to experience the African bush.
For one year you will be fully submerged into the African wilderness as you learn about; and experience life in the African bush.
During the first five months of the program, students are subjected to an intensive induction and training phase acquiring new skills and knowledge about the African Safari and Game Lodge industry followed by an 7 month experiential work placement period on a wildlife reserve in Southern Africa, or Africa.
Whether you are dreaming of becoming a game ranger - working on a wildlife reserve to protect animals in their natural habitat, or working as a park warden in your home country, a safari guide taking guest on walks/drives in the wilderness, or hosting guests at one of the top safari lodges in Africa - a course of this depth of experience and learning will give you the footing you need for these inspirational careers.
Apart from the experience gained, students will be rewarded with a National Qualification and no less than 4 ISCI accredited Skills-programme Certificates which is suitable for international "credit point" accumulation and ideal for resume (CV) purposes.


Friday, 6 April 2018

BUSH CAREERS: Work Opportunities in the Safari Industry

Do you have a passion for the bush and working outdoors? 

Start building a successful career in Eco Tourism and Conservation with AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING (ABT) - South Africa's leading Field Guide & Wildlife Management School!

You can now get your qualification in the field of your choice at a fraction of what you would pay at a tertiary institution by enrolling for a endorsed qualification course or accredited learning program with ABT.

What makes things more appealing is that ABT's professional career consultants will assist all students in finding a job after the successful completion of their qualification courses!!!

Whether you enroll for the 3-month "Safari Ranger Internship Program" during which you are rewarded with a National Qualification in Nature Guiding and no less than 12 Skills Programme Certificates, the 55- day "Professional Field Guide Course", or attend any one of our Short Courses ranging from 3 days to 14 days, it is paramount that you keep growing your Portfolio of Evidence and CV to strengthen your status in the industry.

Located in the Northern Drakensberg Mountains of the Limpopo Province; and in a attempt to make ABT's training campus accessible to as many students possible  we now offer a daily shuttle service between Johannesburg and the campus at very affordable rates.  
For more information about AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING go to www.africanbushexperience.com or contact the campus at africanbushtraining@gmail.com or 0828557159

Thursday, 29 March 2018


Live the ‘African Dream’ in the heart of the South African wilderness….
The SAFARI RANGER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM is the opportunity of a lifetime for individuals wanting to kick-start a career in conservation; students looking for a unique gap-year opportunity; or for those just wanting to experience the African bush.
Merge yourself into the African wilderness for 3-months for an educational and experiential learning adventure of note as you become part of an elite wildlife management team protecting and looking after a pristine 8 000 ha conservation area located in the Northern Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.

Apart from the experience gained students will be rewarded with a fully Accredited Qualification in Field Guiding and no less than ten Skills-programme Certificates which is suitable for international "credit point" accumulation and ideal for resume (CV) purposes.


Monday, 26 March 2018

Career Opportunities In The African Safari Industry

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AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING is the leading ‘supplier’ of trained field guides and conservation personnel to the game lodge and wildlife industry, not only in Southern Africa, but across Africa.
The Safari- and Eco-Tourism industry is currently BOOMING in Africa, and there is a constant demand for quality, well trained services personnel at lodges, reserves and wildlife facilities. Be it for Field Guides, Reserve Rangers, Research Assistants, Environmental Educators or General Lodge Staff - you will find an abundance of employment opportunities carrying decent salaries with outstanding benefits.
The good news is, you don't have to ‘break the bank’ to get yourself settled in the industry because you can get professionally qualified at a fraction of the cost of tertiary education, and finding suitable employment is much easier than with a general tertiary education behind your name.
Newcomers to the industry are also encouraged to build a ‘Portfolio of Evidence’ by attending and completing as many short courses and experiential learning programmes they can to strengthen resumes and qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning.
At AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING we are committed to supply a constant flow of competent and confident individuals to the wildlife industry by training and placing students throughout the sub-continent.
Our partnership with some of the top lodges and reserves in Southern Africa as well as a longstanding relationship with other African countries such as Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia - places AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING at the forefront of talent development and job creation in developing countries.
Start working on your career TODAY with AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING...

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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Game Ranger & Reserve Management Course

Follow the daily footsteps of ex-Parksboard Wardens, Nature Guides and Active Game Rangers as they manage and look after a pristine 8 000 ha conservationcy located in the Northern Drakensberg Mountains of the Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Understanding the fundamental concepts and theories behind managing and looking after a conservation area; and being able to apply these concepts in practice  is paramount to the success of any  game reserve - and that is exactly what this course is all about.
Start your conservation career off on a high under the mentorship of renowned conservationists and veterans in the field; or just join the course for a life changing wilderness experience…the choice is yours, but one thing is certain - what you will learn and experience is priceless!!!
The GAME RANGER & RESERVE MANAGEMENT COURSE will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and insights into the responsible conservation management practices.