Thursday, 22 November 2018


1 Year = 5 x Qualifications + 6/7 Months Work Placement
The SAFARI RANGER PROGRAM is the opportunity of a lifetime for individuals wanting to kick-start a career in conservation; students looking for a unique gap-year opportunity; or for those just wanting to experience the African bush.
For one year you will be fully submerged into the African wilderness as you learn about; and experience life in the African bush.
During the first five months of the program, students are subjected to an intensive induction and training phase acquiring new skills and knowledge about the African Safari and Game Lodge industry followed by an 7 month experiential work placement period on a wildlife reserve in Southern Africa, or Africa.
Whether you are dreaming of becoming a game ranger - working on a wildlife reserve to protect animals in their natural habitat, or working as a park warden in your home country, a safari guide taking guest on walks/drives in the wilderness, or hosting guests at one of the top safari lodges in Africa - a course of this depth of experience and learning will give you the footing you need for these inspirational careers.
Apart from the experience gained, students will be rewarded with a National Qualification and no less than 4 ISCI accredited Skills-programme Certificates which is suitable for international "credit point" accumulation and ideal for resume (CV) purposes.


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